About This Girl

I am a young, attractive (currently blonde) woman–about 5’5″, 145lbs, 36DD-DDD. I work in a professional environment, surrounded mostly by men. I am well-educated and very driven.  I like a challenge, and enjoy it even more if it’s a challenge by men, for men. I’m only semi-competitive in nature, but I like feeling superior in many things. You’ve probably seen me; I’m the young lady you pass at work who you’ve probably undressed in your mind a time or two. I am a lady and expect to be treated as a lady. That is the status quo bio. Now, here is the rest of the story: there are two sides to me—the one ‘they’ see and the one FEW see. The one FEW see wanders around inside me…a sexually driven young lady who lives a sexy secret life…one where she can express her sexuality, let it roam around a bit, dominate and be dominated, tease a few people, men or women, and get satisfaction where she really needs it. To say the least, if I ever let this other me out of the bag around most people who know me…they may doubt THEIR identity and our friendship! I hide her THAT well…..but she is/I am there, and I get restless rather quickly and easily. I’m looking for followers of ALL kinds–I would LOVE to have more MALE followers and feedback is greatly appreciated.


Give it to me.

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