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For-A Sexaholic Needs a Fix

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A Sexaholic Needs a Fix

Posted in The Usual Dirties with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 7, 2014 by Succubus a.k.a. Eve Incognito

Soon, I will introduce you to Apollo and many of the fun things we get to do with and to one another….but not now. For now, you need to know how much I crave his throbbing cock in my wetness and the utter urge I have to get fucked. This poses a challenge-you see, Apollo and I are in what some refer to as an, ‘Exclusive’ relationship. This isn’t a bad thing at all; actually, I’m quite happy with this because he’s sexually deviant as I am. We both live sexy, secret lives that people do not get to see…and I love our now-shared, little secret. The conundrum lies in the fact that we are currently separated by time and space; he’s in one place and I’m in another. For two respective, sexually driven, deviant-types like us, this is a significant problem; watching porn and masturbating only make the need for sexual release more intense.

Apollo…His absence intensifies my nymphomania. Everything around me has some connotation of a moment with my Apollo — anything from sweet and innocent naps together, to a primal need to feel him ,fully erect and drilled inside me. I’ve watched more hard porn in the last week than I typically watch in a month…and for me, that says a lot. Even the massage I got left me wet and insatiated. My muscles feel relaxed but my body is left longing for sexual release. The massage therapist I had was a younger man, in good shape, neither handsome, nor not–honestly, his appearance was irrelevant. The fact that his hands were all over my body was all that mattered. His hands were large and his rubbing was firm, things that I love and crave from my Apollo. I imagined that the massage therapist was my big, strong man, standing over me ,naked, working around my body, rubbing me. I imagined my Apollo, his cock free and fully erect, gently and occasionally brushing against me as he worked his way around the massage table. Ahhh,….I digress.

I find myself daydreaming about him at all times of the day. Yesterday, I was sitting in traffic, thinking about him entering me slowly…my warm wetness welcoming him in…the sounds of us both moaning in release as we felt each other inside….his hand around my throat or grabbing my hair….I wasn’t wearing underwear and at the red light, waiting to turn left, I could feel my jeans becoming saturated with cum, produced from the thought of his sex.

For my mental and sexual health, he’s told me that I was welcomed to go out and fuck someone; “In fact”, he stated, “I get hard thinking about you fucking another guy….”. I could tell as he was saying it, he second-guessed how I would take the comment, or perhaps he seconded-guessed his own excitement about it…maybe because of social norms and the presumption that it is taboo. But at the same time, he knows me, and he knows saying things like that to a person like me is nothing less than normal. Honestly, (and as complicated as this will read) I get horny thinking about him getting off to the idea of me getting off….with someone else.

His sentiment goes both ways–if I could watch him get his dick sucked I could get off and feel satisfied–for now. I’d love to watch–and hear him moan–and watch his head fall back as he thrusts his magic stick into the mouth of a stranger who neither of us care to remember, whom we use for our own pleasure moment between the two of us. Sucking cock is definitely a forte of mine so there’s little concern with another girl doing it to him; I know he knows he has the best–these lips and mouth that wrap around his erection and welcome his dick into a warm sanctity of wet heaven, yeah….these perfectly-fitting lips and mouth are his–this tight pussy that drips liquid sugar down my leg, tracing a trail back to where his cock is home, yeah…this pussy is his–this round, heart-shaped ass that he spanks so violently when I’m bent over and my ass is pushing up against his pelvis while his cock gets to know the tunnels of my pleasure, yeah, this ass his his.

I NEED, yes NEED sex and believe me, I would gladly go find a stranger and tell him how to fuck me correctly, and I’d punish him with pleasure if he did it wrong. But oddly enough, the only person I see is Apollo. The only person I want to punish with pleasure is Apollo–I love the way he loves my sex. I want HIM and I want HIS sex…..and so I wait. It’s the worst thing in the world to ask a sexaholic to NOT be able to have or get sex….it truly is a forced detox. And quite honestly, I do not want sexual sobriety; I want my Apollo back so we can satisfy, gratify and fulfill each others needs. We are each another’s fix….and I need it. Mine is not a needle in the arm but similarly, I need something to inject–I need him to put it in.

Stay Sexy. Eve~