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In Response to the Ad

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“Hi babe 🙂 I moved here about a year and a half ago for work and I’ve been on the hunt for a sexy, fun, open minded girl for a little while now. I’m fit and athletic, clean cut, professional, respectful, generous and a fun person to be around. Sexually I tend to be somewhat dominant, I love to please and I can go for hours. You sound absolutely perfect to me […] I’m 7 1/2″ cut. Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone close by to call on when you need them…?” (for the record, he undersold the size… very modest of him)

The response I got to the ad. That’s right; the ad. I tossed an ad out into no-man’s land, unsure of what I might get…hoping to find something amazing. That message, along with the picture he sent got me wet. That’s how I knew. I was very deliberate in my ad-what I was looking for, what I wasn’t looking for. I asked for no dick pics right away. [Yet, so many sirs seemed to misinterpret the blatancy behind that] He didn’t send a dick pic—instead, a selfie-style picture, showcasing his gorgeous chest, abs, shoulders—yet, not quite showing me his face. However, I could see the gorgeous pair of lips that was the cherry on top of a sundae of a man I wanted to enjoy.

I responded to his reply to my ad, thanking him for being so tasty. Numerous emails later, we realized a commonality in sexual appeal. I was drawn to his demeanor in email form. I absolutely believed what he’d mentioned about being dominant. I wanted that. I wanted (and perhaps needed) someone who would control me. We agreed to take our email conversation to a central location. He, in all his supposed dominance chose the time and place—side note—yes, gentlemen, it IS that simple to win that part of me over. I am an incredibly dominant woman; I know what I want and I tend to take it. SO, it is incredibly sexy to me when a man takes the lead, tells me what to do and where to be. And he did (oh, did he…many, many times…..but those are stories of the sexy future).

He had arrived before I got to our public meeting place and messaged me to ask what I would like to drink. [Be still, my heart…the simple things—he made the plans, he ordered my drink…I was wet and I hadn’t even met him yet]. I had just parked; I walked in and perused the bar, looking for someone I didn’t know. I made my way to the bar and pulled up a chair next to a handsome, professional-looking man, hoping it was the sir I had come to meet. He had an air of Adam Levine amalgamated with the 50 Shades’ main character, yet, he didn’t seem as presumptuous as one might assume that combination to be. Within moments, he turned to me and asked, ‘Are you who I’m supposed to be meeting?’ To which I replied, ‘I don’t know. Am I? I certainly hope so.’

His voice was deep and masculine and for a split second, my mind floated away and imagined the way he might sound when he came. A good-looking sir, indeed….I was very pleasantly content with him. Not many men can accomplish the appeal he had: glasses, hair done and well-groomed, nice appearance, a well-dressed man…intelligent when he spoke. And yet, the sinister gaze that he shot me from time to time seemed to recognize itself in me… both of us, there was an unspoken yet recognizable animalistic, insatiable urge; we seemed to see it in one another. I imagined him fucking me, pounding me hard and slapping me…wrapping his hands around my throat as he drove himself inside me, making me scream out in pleasured pain. As he spoke, I watched his mouth move and could tell that, not only was his mouth the composer of the words he spoke, but also of the maestro to a woman’s pleasure—my pleasure. I wanted him.

Several hours later, we left the bar and headed to his place. Wet with excitement, it was all I could do to not rub myself in anticipation of what (and who) was to come (wink, wink). As we stepped into his place, I felt his masculine hands on my body. We went into his room and I climbed onto the bed, bent over. After putting on some music he climbed on the bed right behind me; I could feel his shaft rub up against my ass as his hand wrapped around my breasts. He sat me up and there we kneeled, on his bed, in front of the mirror—him still behind me, I could feel his cock get harder against my ass. He had one arm around my tits, while the other hand ran down my stomach and into my pants…his fingers began to tickle my clit. As he felt my wetness, I could hear his breathing increase and become more pronounced and he let out a moan. I turned and faced him. I ran my tongue up his neck and to his ear—his moans let me know he liked it. I rubbed my hand against his pants; I could feel him throbbing…I wanted my mouth on his cock. I wanted to taste him. In my split-second daydream of sucking him off, I was taken aback when I realized he had grabbed my ass and was lifting me up. He let me fall back onto the bed and he proceeded to eat me out. His haunting, seductive music played in the background as his tongue composed a masterpiece…..

xoxoxo—Stay Sexy, Eve


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