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Slow Motion

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There is something about hearing a man cum. I know, I know—most the excitement is from the woman; I am one, and yes it is. But there is something terribly erotic to me about hearing a man cum. It isn’t just the cuming part alone; perhaps it’s everything leading up to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love fucking, in and of itself. But the buildup, everything that happens before cuming is what causes my insatiable urges. To me, everything is about being built up and amplified. It all moves in slow motion for me so I can digest every little piece.  This is why, each time I c*m, it’s like a free fall from the sky, it’s the feeling of waking up rested with the sun hitting my face, it’s the sound of the ocean, lapping the white sand of beautiful beaches, it’s Heaven open the gates to a sinner and letting me in.

Act 1

I like to look down and see his cock slide inside me—I feel the sensation as it slowly pushes in; my kitty stretches to accommodate his cock, the lips of my kitty tightly wrapping around it. I love the tingle my body feels all over upon his first thrust, deep inside me—I can feel the ridges on his cock rubbing along the inside of my pussy. My pulse pounds harder when I feel him throbbing in me; I could get off simply on his throbbing alone. After the first time he pushes inside me, he slides it out slowly—my tight pussy still adjusting to the size of his dick. I can see my wetness all over his cock. I love that—he’s fully erect and my sex is sticking to him. It makes me want to wrap my mouth around it; I love the way he feels in my mouth—I like that he grabs the back of my head and forces his cock down my throat. But instead, he’s inside my kitty…more forcefully, he shoves it back inside me—I let out a faint moan—I can feel his cock playing with the walls inside. He pulls it back out again, slowly, slowly his cock comes out and I let out my breath. He looks me in the eyes but it’s not him; right now he’s an animal devouring his prey.  I watch as his big hands wrap around my hips, his fingers tightly grabbing into my skin; he wants to make sure he has good control over me when he slides his wet cock back in. And then he does, fast and hard—he’s in, then he’s out. He’s in, and then he’s out. His face tells the story of how good my pussy feels to him and I close my eyes for a second to feel the story inside. It’s a painful pleasure that I can never get enough of. A masochist—maybe I am; when his cock hurts me like this, I want more of it. I watch as a single bead of sweat runs down from his forehead—he leans his head back and it changes direction—I watch it run alongside his ear, down the side of his neck—it’s about this moment that I see his Adam’s Apple moving and all the sudden I hear him—my pussy gets wetter when I hear his deep throat making noises. I watch the bead of sweat pass his throat and run down the middle of his chest—between his pecks…God, he’s gorgeous. I reach up and touch his skin-he lets out a moan and fucks me harder—the bead of sweat now arriving just above his shaft causes my stare to wander down to his dick, and I watch as it penetrates me, over and over. And then he stops, leans up, gets his bearings and slowly moves himself to the being on the bed, where he lies back while I straddle his lap. His eyes in my eyes, I come closer to him. His mouth in my mouth—I move myself down to his erect cock and I wrap my mouth around it—I can taste my own sex on him and it gets me hornier. My tongue can’t get enough of our flavor-I lick the tip and his cock gives me a little surprise-I take a second to enjoy the way he tastes. I feel my wetness running down my leg as I suck his cock. My pussy and my mouth are vying for the same treat. I lean up and make my way back to his lap but instead of facing him, I spin myself around because I know he likes to watch me ride from that angle. I bestride his hard dick, grab it in my hand and slowly, slowly…sit on it and let it slide inside me—he lets out a moan and slaps my ass. I feel him throbbing all over again.   

Act 2…


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Fixing My Faucets

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He showed up at my door with two other men; in a cliché kind of way, they were there to fix a faucet– friend of a friend…of a friend. MY friend, B recommended HIS friend, J to fix the precarious faucets in my home; J showed up with him and the other man….thus, friend of a friend of a friend. At first, I assumed my mind was playing tricks on me-I gazed upon two beautiful men who looked almost exactly the same. My mind took a brief trip to Wonderfuck land and a few seconds later, upon its return, I was aware that it wasn’t playing tricks on me at all; there were, in fact, two of almost the exact same man standing at my door….twins. These were not just any twins—tall, tan, dark hair, muscles… strapping specimens, indeed.

 For some reason, although they looked nearly the same, I was drawn to one in particular.  In watching him, it seemed like everything went in slow motion. I had to wonder if my mind was doing this or if he was, in fact, moving a little slower and more methodical because he knew I was watching him. In a small matter of time, I could care less about my faucet; I was mesmerized by him. He must have known what he was doing to me—I became aware that my breathing had gotten shorter and deeper. When he spoke to me, I hoped that in my response, I was forming intelligent responses, but who knows? All I could focus on was his mouth…also apparently moving in slow motion. Watching his lips move as he spoke made me wonder what else his mouth was capable of. On a few occasions, he’d look up from the faucet and I’d catch a look at his eyes-I was curious if he could tell from MY eyes what was in my mind—could he tell that in my mind I was undressing him? Could he tell that I was imagining sucking him off? Perhaps a part of me wanted him to know. When his attention shifted back to the faucet, my attention shifted back to his body. His black tank top and cargo shorts barely hung on to the gorgeous body they were loosely draped over. I stood back as he and the others worked on my faucet—images started swirling around in my head: him sweaty, slowly pulling his tank top over his head and letting it fall to his side, unbuttoning his shorts in his already-slow-motion sexiness and letting those fall to the floor. I imagined his cock already partly hard and hanging there on display for me and only me…..I realized that I was holding my breath so I let the air out; the wispiness of it must have come out in the way that says ‘sex’ or ‘fucking’ because all three men seemed to look up. J started to talk to me about the faucet, but all I heard was, “wah wah wah….faucet…wah wah wah…..purchase……wah wah wah….” The ‘Peanut Talk’ streamed to my ears—maybe something important but I was too busy watching this beautiful man in my home, wondering what he’d think if he knew that in my mind, he had me bent over my bed and was fucking me from behind.

At some point, we moved on to another plumbing problem I was having in the house (unfortunately, I’m NOT talking about myself, my personal pipes our anything of the sort, but it’s kinda SUPER awesome that ‘fixing my faucets’ is actually the matter at hand 🙂 ) The Gods shined down upon when I got to see him shift from working on top of the counter in one part of my home, to now, working UNDER the counter—he was laying on his back, looking up at my faucet. I couldn’t help but imagine him between my legs—better still, what if I were to simply assume to slide my shorts off and align myself to where he was laying….and off went my imagination again. I bet his mouth would know the right way to play with my kitty—he seems like a man who knows what he’s doing. I was getting more wet thinking about it. I was brought back to reality when he started speaking to me again—were there other people here?—I completely forgot the other two’s existence. I was too caught up with him and all the things my mind was allowing me to do to and with him….mmmm….and all the things my imagination had him doing to me. I got caught not really paying attention to the words coming out of his mouth because he had to repeat himself. I’d give anything to hear him ask to fuck me… attempts to silence my mind, I asked about his job and we discussed that for a bit. He’s said he wasn’t in the plumbing industry, but that he was there simply to help his friend….little did HE know he was actually there to meet and get caught up with the dirty, dirty girl he had just met.

After completely everything that needed to be done with the plumbing in my home, the men packed up their things. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of a way to imply my interest in this man without seeming….well, seeming WHATEVER–it just isn’t my style. I silently hoped that he had left his number or a note….maybe he would casually tell me his full name and I could look him up. But no, nothing. I walked them to the door, said my ‘thank you’ and bid them farewell. Ahhhh, even watching him walk away made me want it—his shorts were barely hanging on to his gorgeous hips—his ass begging me to grab it. VERY shortly after they left, I needed a porn intermission/intervention; I sat down and rubbed myself, envisioning all the things I wanted to do with this man. The idea of him punishing me from behind made me cum; the thought of him fucking me on the kitchen counter made me cum; the mere idea of his tongue touching my clit made me cum. I finished playing with myself but wanted more—I wanted him. And although my mind is an inventive thing and was able to appease my immediate need, I had come to the realization that in the very short amount of time that this man was in my presence, I wanted to feel him—really, like real life feel him; I wanted this man inside me.

Much to my surprise, later on that evening, I received a text: “Hi—it’s [Sexy Man]—just checking to make sure everything is okay with the faucet and that it’s not leaking. A huge smile came across my face—bear in mind, he did not have, nor did I give him my number; HE found ME. This ‘thing’ was just beginning….

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