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Man Meat

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Ahhh, beautiful men…walking all around this place. In the last several weeks, there has been beautiful man meat sauntering around my work area. The first major attraction—the cause for my inadvertent kegel exercises–is a delicious man, about 6’ or so tall, dark hair, light skin, fit and trim. He always wears basic colors: whites, blacks, grays. I have wondered time and time again what his cock would taste like, and how he would sound, and move with me on it. I would undoubtedly be considered a pig if I were a man; do women take on negative connotations if they have that of a man’s imagination?

This specimen is quiet, distant. I’ve only seen him a handful of times and he’s always looking down-he doesn’t look up or make eye contact. It’s amazing how my mind can wonder in the brevity of when he walks by; I am blessed with split-second ‘snippets’ of images of him naked, sitting in a leather chair, slightly slouched, with his arms reaching around the arms of the chair—his head laid back, eyes closed, mouth open, faintly letting out moans. And there I am, on my knees between his legs, looking up at him as I suck his dick. I blink hard to break away from how I’m seeing him in my mind, to in real-life, seeing the top of his head as he walks by with his head down. I say hello and his eyes turn up slightly in acknowledgement. I want to infiltrate him-I want to find out if this is an exterior. If this IS an exterior that tends to tell me there’s a sly interior—and I want to know that. If this is how he is throughout, I want to break him….break him in. IF he were a virgin—I’m sure this is not the case, but IF–I MAY make an exception to my virgin rule. But this one requires work.

The more recent reason for these wet panties is a tall, gorgeous built and fit boy—oh…my….GOD. Dusty blonde hair, at least 6’3”—California-looking tan. I can’t help but imagine fucking  him. He knows it, too. The first time I saw him, I stared and stared more—typically, a man will break the stare because they are usually uncomfortable with a woman doing this—at least in a professional environment. But he held his stare, too. He fucked me with his eyes as I was already doing to him with mine. I like to think of it as a competition—first to look away knows they are being eye fucked. I have eye fucked him several times now. He has those eyes that make you want to get on top and ride him without breaking the stare. And his body—through his shirt, I can see he is solid—I want to dig my nails into his arms. His ass is sexy and taut and sits at attention—my imagination puts us in a different environment that it does with Dark hair boy. I know my imagination especially likes this one—I imagine him sitting, naked…slowly rubbing his cock while I watch—never breaking eye contact with me—he knows what he’s doing to me. I want to taste him. Today, as he walked past, I couldn’t help myself—“Mmm, mm, m—now THAT’S a handsome piece of meat”, I stated in a casual tone. Verbal sexual harassment—why yes, yes it is. Hence why I ask if women take on negative connotations if they have that of a man’s imagination…and sometimes the mouth of one as well. He turned and just looked at me-perhaps taken aback from the forthrightness.  I winked. I believe that will be the one I taste first.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go to the ladies room–my kitty is purring and I must tend to her.

Stay Sexy, Eve~


Finale of Happy Underwear

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I must have jumped a bit when they first started going—my happy underwear, because my boss’s boss looked over at me with a quizzical stare that he held for several seconds before continuing what he was just saying. I made eye contact with him briefly, and then looked over at my boss, who was now also staring at me. Then the undies turned off again. “Ah, thank GOD”, I thought to myself. The meeting continued; I sat there, no focus on the meeting whatsoever, wondering when they may come back on, and attempting to prep for that moment so that perhaps, I could evade an obvious reaction. I didn’t have to wonder long—before I knew it, they were back on; this time, I didn’t ‘jump’ per se, but because of the length of time they stayed on, I made an effort to ‘shift’ in attempts to avoid what would be inevitable.

When I shifted, I must have also repositioned the egg-shaped device as it sat in its rubber encasement in between my legs; I could now outwardly hear the vibrating and apparently, I was not the only one. I noticed a couple of the members of the meeting looking around to determine what the noise was and where it was coming from; one of them even stood up and began to look around the room—near the chairs, under the table…a small discussion arose: “Did anyone else hear that…oh, yes, I heard it, too…where do you think it’s coming from…does someone have a cell phone on vibrate” (closest guess yet ;-), etc., etc. I felt crimson wash over my face…I hoped no one would notice. And then the vibrations stopped. Although it didn’t stop the curiosity coming from the others in the meeting, it DID postpone their inquisition when it stopped, and the meeting went on.

Several ‘problems’ were looming here: 1) NEEDLESS to say, I was on the brink of cuming…and at this point, I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to hold this off (refer back to Part 2 where I mention Pleasure Delay—this took it to a whole new level); 2) I was sitting in a stuffy meeting with stuffy bosses and they could now hear my happy underwear (unbeknownst to them); I thanked my lucky stars those undies were on nice and secure—could you IMAGINE the explaining I’d have to do!; 3) The individual holding the power (quite literally) to my happy underwear did not know my predicament, nor do I think he would care at this point….I mean, honestly, this pushed this challenge into a new orb of interesting.

I sat and waited for a bit…I waiting for a good time to excuse myself from the meeting and to the restroom. There was a lull in the meeting, my happy underwear was not on; I stood up, at what seemed like a good moment to step out. And of course in an ironic moment of Murphy’s Law, Mr. Cocky, wherever he was, flipped the switch to on, and thus, there was vibration between my legs…AGAIN! While sitting, it was a bit easier to contain myself and my reaction to the happy underwear; I must have gotten lax as I sat. Now standing, the device’s effect on me was more intense; immediately upon commencement of the vibrating in between my legs, I doubled over where I stood, near the table, unable to control the oncoming sensation of my orgasm. Almost immediately, one of the members of the meeting stood up and asked if I was alright. The throbbing between my legs grew harder –it felt like rhythmic pounding of a drum. I uttered in response to him, “…my toe…I stubbed my toe…”. Hanging on the last word, I felt my body tighten up, I felt light-headed—and then warmth, wet…cum gushed from my body. For a few seconds, I was immobilized, but upon realizing that there was cum running down my leg, I quickly walked out of the conference room and to the restroom. I cleaned up…and a lot of cleaning up there was. I slid the now-soaking wet pleather thong happy underwear off and hid them in the furthest back, darkest corner on a shelf of a cabinet that sat in the restroom (to retrieve later, that is).

Now, panty-less, I started walking down the hall, toward the conference room. Walking toward me was Mr. Cocky with a smile on his face. “Couldn’t take it, huh?” he said, assumingly and with pride. With no time nor energy for explanation, I simply smiled a weary smile and said, “I have to get back to my meeting with [Boss’s name], [Boss’s boss’s name], and the three other guys in the conference room…” His jaw dropped open and a look of genuine surprise and concern came over his face. “Oh, shiiiiiit….I am SO sorry!” “It was messy”, I teased; I smirked, winked and kept walking. When I walked back to the conference room, the gentlemen had gone on with the meeting and were mid conversation, so I casually climbed back into my seat. “Well…that must have been a pretty good toe stub with the way you ran outta here. Better?”Boss whispered to me. I smiled and took a breath.“Much better”.

Happy Hump Day, Sexies. Eve~

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