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The story of Highway Stranger

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Once, on a drive back from the city, I found myself ‘racing’ with a guy in a Toyota truck. I tend to be a speedy driver, winding through traffic, passing people in the right lane who are hanging out in the fast lane; he seemed to drive the same. The presumed driving completion between us happened when I passed him and he immediately sped up behind me and then attempted to pass me in the right lane. Unbeknownst to him, there was a slower car ahead in that lane that was going to hinder his advance; I laughed out loud to myself in my vehicle—“Thaaaat’s right; get BACK behind the leader”, I said out loud, as though he would somehow hear me. He casually swerved back into the left lane behind me. After awhile of driving, I switched lanes and moved to the right lane; he immediately passed in the left. We both looked over at one another—I smirked—he just looked.  A few miles later, he moved over into the right lane in front of me. I analyzed the distant traffic and saw a semi-truck up ahead, so I went ahead and moved to the left lane; he followed. I like moments like this in traffic; it keeps the drive interesting—it’s only fun when you find someone else who appreciates the sport in it (never a good time when folks take it too personally). The highway we were driving on is infamous for terrible accidents, so when I noticed several taillights in the distance ahead, I assumed this was the case. ‘Damn’, I thought; there goes my fun drive home. As traffic started slowing, I looked in my mirror to see if my driving friend was still with me, which he was—he was one car back.  When traffic stopped, I grabbed my phone and located my handy, dandy app that lets me know the traffic situation; sure enough, an accident…a massive one—traffic delay expected for at least 4-5 hours; here I was, stuck in the left lane in never-ending traffic. Coincidentally, several miles back, there was an exit that provides an alternate route, off the highway, off the beaten path; if you’re a local, you know this—if you’re not, you’re fucked. Seeing as how my driving friend had been a good sport with me for the last several miles, I thought I’d share the news. I opened my window, stuck my hand out and waved for him. After a few seconds, he drove on the shoulder, came to where I was parked and opened his window. “Hi—nice driving”, he said. “Likewise- I was impressed. Look, there seems to be a really bad accident up there—they’re saying it’s gonna be at least 4 or 5 hours”, I shared. “I’m Driver*.” “I’m Eve*. So I know another way—I thought maybe you’d like to follow me…again”, I giggled and winked at him. “She has jokes”, he said playfully. Let me interrupt this story for a moment—Driver* happened to be terribly attractive. I would guess that he was in his mid-thirties, dark hair, light skin I explained that we would have to backtrack a bit, then take an exit. I told him that I’d drive us through on this route until the road splits and he could go from there. “That’s nice of you to think of me, instead of leaving me here in this mess. Why are you helping me?” I suppose I can see how this would be odd to someone who didn’t know me; “…because I like your driving…you’ve been fun”, I told him, in a frisky tone. “You’ve been kinda fun, yourself”, he responded. “So, you wanna follow me outta here”, I asked. “I think I’d follow you anywhere…Hey, maybe we should get each other’s numbers in case we get separated”. Sure, why not; I spouted off my number to him and he gave me his. “Don’t prank call me later on though, okay”, I said with a laugh and closed my window. I turned my wheel to the left, crossed the median and pulled out into traffic flowing in the opposite direction of the accident, and as discussed, he followed me. For miles and miles we drove; we maintained the driving style we had before, only this time, we were working as a team against the rest of ‘them’. I would pass a car, he would pass that car. I’d speed up; he would speed up. Then my phone rang and my Bluetooth kicked on in my vehicle:


“Hi, it’s Driver—so how do you know this way?”

“Well, I live around the area, so I’ve come to learn so alternate routes.”

“Well, thanks again for the help…I’m trying to get home. I was doing Guard duty and I just want to be home. I’m a pilot.”

“No worries—was there something else, Driver?”

“No….just thought I’d check the number you gave me.”

I laughed, “Why would I give you the wrong one?!”

“I dunno…but obviously, you didn’t. Alright. Keep up the good driving!”

Then he hung up. I couldn’t help the smile that had come over my face. This was one of those situations—if you have a mind like mine, you might think of ways that this could end up in a perfect Highway Stranger situation. It is not often that one comes across a stranger in traffic who like playing, and can keep up with playing traffic games; it is even less often that a traffic accident would cause one to make contact with this highway stranger; it is FAR less often (or perhaps not at all) that this stranger happens to be a young, very handsome stranger who will take your offer of an alternate route, away from said accident. My mind wandered—it would be as simple of pulling off on the side of the road. I’d pull over and he would too (you know, because he’s following me). I would walk over to his passenger side and he’d open his window. “What’s up”, he might say, a bit confused as to why we’d stopped. I could take one of a few paths here: 1)”How would you like to fuck?”; 2)”I thought maybe you’d want to show me if you fuck the way you drive—fast, hard and aggressive.”; 3) [Say nothing and just initiate].

My phone rang and interrupted my train of thought; my Bluetooth came on again:


“Hey, it’s Driver again. So….how’s it going?”

“Uh, not bad… you?”

“Not bad—so, what do you do?”

“I drive strangers that I meet on the highway to back roads…”

“Then what do you do with them?”

“I….well, it depends on what they WANT me to do with them.”

“Hmmm,….so these strangers…they get a choice?”


“Do you live nearby?”

“Not especially…I’m about another 45 minutes away. Why? Do you need to…..stop…for some reason?”

“I may have to stop…”

“Do you want me to pull over?”


“Nah,…I’m okay for now. Thanks.”

Then the phone hung up. I wondered if he was thinking about what I was thinking about. We could pull over on the side of the road; he could get out of his truck and come over to the passenger side where I would be. I’d pull down my shorts and panties; he would undo his shorts and, with a condom ready to go, he’d pull his dick out, wrap it up, bend me over his passenger seat and fuck me—hard and quick—and then we’d get back in our vehicles and keep driving…as though nothing ever happened. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it—and the easier it seemed. My phone rang.

“Hello, Driver.”


While still on the phone with him, I slowed down and pulled over. I got out of my vehicle and walked to the passenger side. He opened his window. “I assumed maybe you needed to pull over”, I said casually. For a brief moment, I looked down at his crotch, thinking that perhaps his dick would be out or something….I dunno. But as I looked, I saw that his shorts were pitched. He caught me looking and he moved his leg a bit and shifted. He was hard. “Uhhh….I thought maybe we’d stop and….figure out where I need to go after we get to where the road splits. I kept eye contact on his hard dick, hidden under his shorts, then slowly looked up at him and caught his stare. I bit my lower lip, and just imagined how perfectly this was going to play out. I said, “Why don’t you come over here and I can show you how to get to where you wanna go…” I watched as he moved his hand down to his shorts and rubbed his dick; he was still looking at me. I nodded yes. “Should I go over there”, he asked….”I’ve never done anything like this before.” I nodded. I could feel my pussy getting wet, thinking about how perfectly this had all worked out—we were actually about to fuck on the side of the road—two perfect strangers, playing road games, and now he was about to fuck me, then basically drive away into the sunset. But then his phone rang. “Hey Honey…yeah, there was an accident on the highway…yeah, running behind schedule…okay, I will. Love you, too.” Typically, I wouldn’t give a shit…but the look on his face…. “So, we’re about 10 miles away. I’ll be going right; you’ll wanna turn left. Cool?” I said, nonchalantly. I walked back to my vehicle and got in. When we got to the split, I turned right and assumed I’d watch my friend drive away; but he was still behind me. I drove a few more miles, and then my phone rang.

“Hi, Driver. What’s up? You missed the turn.”

“Was that just about to happen?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh,…I…it seemed……shit.”

“[Slightly laughing] Yes, Driver…that was just about to happen. It’s cool. Don’t worry about it.”

“The thing is, I’m married and…”

“Driver, I don’t wanna know…what almost happened back there has nothing to do with what you have going on.”

“Goddamn….that almost just happened….man…”

“Yeah, hey…sorry about that, okay?”

“No,….Eve….I wanted that to happen.”

“Me, too, Driver. But you know the thing about moments—they pass. Have a good drive home, Driver. From here, you’ll go through town, follow it until there’s a fork in the road, then turn left and follow it out, okay?”

“This type of thing will never happen to me again—you’re awesome, Eve….it would have been good.”

“It was a pleasure, Driver.”

He found me on Facebook, and we keep in touch, but the moment stayed on the highway.

*Driver–not his real name, of course; *Eve-not mine either, but you already know that 😉


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Incubus-Drive (Vevo)

Dildo Girl

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I was once, ‘Dildo Girl’. In my attempts to get out, get opportunities, get known, I played a role in a low-budget Indie film. For the record, this was not a porno. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you much about the film, only that there was some type of, ‘Self-discover’ and, ‘Coming of Age’ concept behind it. My role was fairly insignificant, but at that time, I hadn’t yet fully embraced my sexuality…at least not with a dildo (until then). It was around the same time I had one of my first semi-nude photo shoots. I knew they were going to be black and white, so I chose a few different options: a black lace teddy; a black lace high cut cami and black lace thongs; and a white high-cut teddy with white thigh-high stockings.  I was so proud of how they turned out…and furthermore, it was then that I realized that even looking at myself in a sexually-driven photo could turn me on. When I think back, this was a very strange time in my life—I don’t mean I was awkward, but it was a place in my life when I must have been in that gray area between Innocence and Innocence Lost .There was still a look of childlike guiltlessness on my face and in my eyes, both in my pictures and in my movie moment; I could still sell myself as ingenuous 🙂 The first time I was approached by an older gentleman, asking me if I’d be interested in a photo gig, it did seem a bit odd; I never really got used to it—it just became more familiar. After I had done a couple of these things, I’d catch myself hoping that the photog would be attractive…or younger; in the moment of doing these types of shoots, it’s hard to not get horny (in my opinion). I digress. When I did the movie, I was friends with some of the people involved, so it didn’t seem so strange doing a ‘soft-porn’ movie moment with them around; random outside thought: I don’t even remember who the other girl was. ‘Dildo Girl’–that was the name given in the script–I must have only had a few lines, but all I can remember was how it felt to have a strap on protruding from my pelvic area. It felt a little weighted; it felt a little awkward…and then it kind of felt empowering. Is it strange to say that, at that moment, I felt superior for being the one that would be sticking, and not the one being stuck? I was naked for the scene, wearing nothing but a strap on–the pleather straps wrapped around my waste to my back–the straps ran through my legs and cupped my butt cheeks–and from the front hung a fully erect, long, hard, large cock. I had ‘people’ to put it on for me; it was interesting to me how ‘business’ they were when it came to putting it on. I had silently hoped that I’d get a private moment to myself, without the obligatory film people, so I could wear it, feel it, touch it, look at it on me in the mirror….I was intrigued by this thing that I wore. Once I was, ‘Strapped in’, I had a robe wrapped around me so we could walk to the room where the scene was being shot. To say the least, my temporary junk kept flopping out of the robe–to the innocent bystander, this would have undoubtedly been odd. The filming area was very hectic and as I sit here, recollecting it, it appears as still frames flying through my memory–like one of those picture books that, when flipped fast, the illustrations seem to be moving. I walked into the room and my robe was taken off; I saw a naked girl dangling over a couch, her ass sticking up in the air. A loud yell came from someone in the distance for everyone to get into their places; then a woman walked up to me, script in hand, and instructed that I was to grab the young ladies hips, as though I was about to ‘stick it in’. She said to put the dildo right up to her ass, but to not ‘enter her’. She explained that the guys would walk in the door and say their lines, and that was my cue to say my line (which I do not remember). I looked down at the girl as she got her instruction from the same woman-she was still bent over the couch. I saw her head nodding but couldn’t hear the conversation. The woman nodded to the girl, then turned to the director’s chair and gave a thumbs up. I nervously grabbed the girl’s hips and pulled her slightly toward me, attempting to align the dildo between her ass cheeks. “Quiet on set…..roll cameras……mark……..action….” I held the position and kept looking down at her–her hair laid on her back partially and began to fall down to her shoulders–her naked back with a tribal tattoo on her lower back staring back at me–my hands grabbing her, my grip depressing her white skin…I was a bit turned on. Then entered the guys; one of them said a line, and on cue, I said my line….she giggles and reached a hand back and rubbed my leg. “Cut!” I waited a second then let go of her hips. The woman came back to me and suggested that I rub the girl’s ass, or maybe slap her ass–she told me to just assume that I was about to fuck her–“Just have fun with it!”, she said. She leaned over and spoke to the girl again. She nodded, looked back at me and said, “Okay, we can do that…we can have fun”; she was playful about it–I winked at her. “Position….quiet on set…..roll cameras……mark……..action….” The guys entered the scene again, and as this happened, I kept the grip on her hips with one hand and with the other, I spanked her–she giggled and looked back at me. The guys said his line and again, on cue, I said my line. She pushed her ass back toward me and I leaned more forward into her, the dildo now sliding between her ass cheeks. “Cut!” I backed up and awaited instruction. She stood up, and for the first time, I was face to face with the other naked girl. “That was awesome, right?” She looked me over–she hadn’t really seen me yet, either. “I’m kinda enjoying this” I shared. The woman was with the guys–she never came to us with instruction. The girl and I got back into position. “Quiet on set…..roll cameras……mark……..action….” Again, guys entered scene and said their lines–this time, I proceeded to dry hump her with my artificial dick to which she opened her stance so that her legs were open. She reached through her open legs and grabbed at my artificial dick–it was being tugged at so I was being tugged at. This entire situation was getting me terribly horny, and for one moment, I thought maybe I’d ‘accidentally’ stick it in her–just to see if I could get away with it. “Cut!” She stood up again, turned to me with a mischievous look and said, “Just put it in next time”–then she giggled again. ‘Done’, I thought. So this is what it must be like, being a guy and trying to fuck a girl and not knowing if it was okay. I could feel that I was getting more wet with each shoot; I wondered if she was, too. “Hey, are you wet?” I asked her. She nodded and smiled. “Position….quiet on set…..roll cameras……mark……..action….” Guys entered scene, said their lines–I had her hips in my hands, then, keeping one hand engaged, took the other and rubbed up and down her leg. She let out a moan and looked back at me; I rubbed the dildo between her ass cheeks…then, literally acting out my inner-man, I grabbed the dildo in my hand while she straddled her legs–I squatted down just a bit, enough to find her pussy with my artificial dick, found her hole and rammed it in. Other than the gasp heard ’round the room–everything disappeared and went silent….but I didn’t hear ‘Cut’…so I pulled out a bit and shoved it back in…..still no cut. I thrust again, and this time, while I pushed my dildo inside her, I said my line, then spanked her. Waiting….still thrusting…waiting…finally, “Cut! THAT’S a wrap!” Followed by several claps. Later that night, the cast met up to grab some drinks, then later on, she and I used the dildo again–along with someone else….it was one of my first lady-exclusive threesomes.

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Thank you, Vevo.

As the Rush Cums-Fucking and Driving

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The search on my phone yesterday was for ‘Road Head’; I was hoping to secure an enjoyable ride home (those of you who have read my stuff know what I’m talking about). But much to my dismay, there is a lack of awesome road head videos on my usually-visited free sites! What gives?! Perhaps I set myself up for failure—I ASSumed that when I seek road head videos, I would get some seriously gratuitous, uncontrollable driving, swerving-all-over-the-road, might-as-well-fuck-while-we’re-at-it, types of videos. But no. I did come across one with a really cute, petite brunette and some dude’s dick. They’re driving along and she’s in the passenger side, naked (bonus)—he asks if she wants to suck his dick—she leans over and starts sucking on his dick-there-you know what I saw—sums it up. Yes, there were different angles and some nice shots of her sucking him off….but c’mon. Call me a sick bitch, but I want it to be a little bit more dangerous. Isn’t that part of the appeal to road head—the danger? In my opinion, it has to be the ultimate test of control for a guy—not only control of cuming, but also control of a vehicle! OR, perhaps it is the ultimate test of losing control, because he must keep his hands on the wheel (at least one), eyes on the road, and trust what’s happening to his dick. I love giving road head—well, I love giving head in general—but I like the rush, I like the adrenaline that road head provides. D was a pretty boy in nearly every sense of the word—he was stuck on himself, he had the flashy car, he had the nice clothes, hair always had to be perfect, had lots of acquaintances he called friends, lots of girls liked him. He was about 6’4” or so, dark brown/black hair—he liked my road head. He liked the danger that came with it. He would make it a game, on occasion, almost to push my limits, to see if I would do what he asked. For instance, we were driving around the city one late afternoon and pulled up to a red light–“Hey baby, come give me head”, he demanded, already undoing his pants. I waited for him to adjust himself, and then I leaned over and started sucking on his dick. The light must have changed because we began moving. I was sucking him at a slower pace—he grabbed the back of my head and forced my head down and up a little faster, so I adjusted my speed. “We’re coming up to another light—I’m gonna open my window and you keep sucking—I want this dude to see it. We pulled up to the stop light, and to our left, sat a truck—taller than D’s car, so they could see everything. I looked up to see two middle-age guys looking down at us, then I leaned back down and continued sucking-he returned his hand to the back of my head. “They are staring so hard”, he said with pride in his voice; “They’d love to have this—but I do…” I could tell when he was getting more excited, because the car would go so much faster…much, much faster—I’d frequently think how odd and embarrassing it would be if we were to get in an accident; they would find the steering wheel pinning my head up against his crotch, my mouth wrapped around his dick. My head-giving was so good once, that we got pulled over for him speeding. By the time the cop had made it to the window, I had, of course, stopped sucking and he put his dick away.  The cop asked him if he knew how fast he was going; he responded, “No, but I know how fast SHE was going”, and laughed it off. We pushed the limits from letting people see me giving him head in traffic, to taking pictures of it, to making video of it, to being pulled over by a cop—and then one day…I took it to the limit ,and road head became something else. But again, that’s the point—it’s the danger, the excitement, the fear—that’s why road head is awesome….so what happens when the road head gets so good that road fucking sound reasonable? The blowjob I was giving him on this particular occasion must have been especially good because, what must have been close to his cuming, he said he wanted to pull off the road and fuck. It was evening and dark outside; we were heading home from dinner in the city. I encouraged him to keep driving, explaining that we’d get the chance when we got back to his place. I went back to sucking on his dick. Several minutes later, I could feel his hips moving with my sucking and he started fucking my mouth more vigorously. “Seriously, I need to get my cock in you—I need to fucking cum”. “So, do it”, I said; “You know I’ll swallow.” I went back to sucking. He grabbed my hair in the back of my head harder and started moaning, forcing my head all the way down his cock. I started to whimper and suck harder; I wanted his cum. Then he pulled my head back by my hair. “No, stop—fuck—I’m gonna pull over…I need to feel my cock inside you”. He said he would take the next exit. I sat back into the passenger seat, slid off my capris and then slid off my wet panties; I said, “Set the cruise control”—he looked a bit nervous. I could see he wasn’t sure about what I was doing, nor was he sure he wanted to take part in it. Was this pushing the limits TOO much for my friend who liked the rush…who loved the adventure? Perhaps…and I was about to one-up his risk-taking with a new level of my own. “Are you serious”, he asked with trepidation. “What is something happens…” Oh, something was going to happen, alright 😉 “How close are you to cuming”, I asked. “If it’s close, it’ll be quick enough that we won’t get hurt.” I leaned down and started sucking him again, making sure to keep his happy cock at full attention. “Uhhh,….fuck yeah….keep sucking…..oh yeah…..” I kept sucking and rubbing my hand up and down his shaft. I could feel it throbbing in my mouth. “Cruise control on”, I asked, a little out of breath. He nodded yes. “I’m gonna put my left leg on the other side of your left leg; I’m take the wheel—you have your dick ready for me; you’ll grab my hips and drive me—I’ll drive the car.” At this point, he seems keyed up, as though it now all made perfect sense and was doable. He nodded eagerly and said, “I can’t believe we’re fucking doing this!” I slipped my left leg between his leg and the door. I felt his arm brush under my ass, grabbing his cock. I grabbed the wheel and put my focus on the road, eagerly waiting for his dick to rub against me so I’d know when to sit down. His dick lightly swept across my puss then he grabbed my hips and slammed me down on his cock. I let out a yell—his dick was harder than I had ever felt it before. He kept pulling my hips up then pounding them down, pulling them up and pounding them down, his dick went deeper and deeper inside me each time he pulled me back down. It went on for maybe three or so more minutes. “I’m about to cum!” I yelled to which he said, “Uh, huh—me, too….Fuck, baby—oh my god….” He shouted out. When I came, the sensation caused me to tug at the wheel and we swerved quickly over to the other lane. I pulled it back—he reach around and rubbed on my clit for a bit, then I moved to get off if his dick—the cum running down my leg. He looked delirious, mystified at what had just happened. “Now THAT was a rush”, he faintly uttered.

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“Not tonight, I don’t.”

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When I did it, I was not aware he was friends with Pontoon Boat Guy. I’m not sure if that would have stopped me from doing it. Let me back it up (pun intended ;-)) I was hanging with a girlfriend at a place downtown; it was ‘Mardi Gras’ night at the bar, so of course, I was all in. [I only had a couple of drinks, but it takes little to no alcohol for me to become a good time (like I’m not a good time ALL the time, psh!).] Ask ANY bar owner ANYWHERE who caters to a younger crowd, those with young, college-age ladies especially—you tag a theme on the night’s events and it’s bound to be a good time; Mardi Gras makes it an even bigger party. I can pick out very vivid details about the evening and then there are some that get lost in the fog of my mind. At the bar, I remember standing with a crowd of guys, watching a handful of ladies lift their shirts for beads….I can remember a person walking around with a huge alligator cup full of a green beverage….I can remember putting beads around a chick’s neck and then making out with her….at one point, I was on the top of the bar dancing—and of course, by that time, I was also flashing my tits. I grabbed a guys cock at some point and made out with him….I had a mask on at some point…..yeah, it was one of THOSE nights. Anyways, my girlfriend and I stayed awhile at the bar before getting a text from a few friends about a house party happening. Now, as much as I love a bar, there is something to be said about a good house party; more often than not, I’ll choose house party. When I think house party, I think about the beginning of Sublime’s Bad Fish—people talking, bottle clinking together. For the most part, I know I won’t know many people there, BUT I’ll know SOME people there who will know some people, and maybe I’ll find one to play with for the night. My juices were already flowing from Mardi Gras night at the bar—I’d kissed a dude and a girl, grabbed a guy…obviously, I was frisky.  “House party it is”, I told my friend and she and I loaded up in my car and drove off. About 30 minutes later, we showed up to the house—a place I’d never been– the house of someone I hadn’t met. I drove down a long dirt driveway that looped through darkness. All I could see was the space in front of my headlights and a faint glow up ahead. I continued to drive, slowly and methodically down this winding dirt road, until finally, I came upon a large, open area with a huge bonfire in the middle—cars and trucks were parked all around it. My friend and I got out of the car and stepped into the atmosphere of fire, smoke, booz and noise. We walked toward the fire and as if we were walking into a catered event, people started walking up with beers in hand, giving them to us. By the time we got to the bonfire, I was holding two, and she had already drunk half of her one. The place was active like an anthill—so much activity, people moving all around. It was pitch black—the fire was providing the only source of light—there was a mystique about it all. She and I stayed by the fire for awhile, and then eventually started walking around. Eventually our mingle-moving drew us to inside the house where there seemed to be equally as many people, just shoved in a smaller space.  We made our way through the crowd, slowly, stopping every now and again to socialize. The crowd seemed to get a little thinner by the time we reached the edge of the room we were in. There was a dark hall attached to the room that was unoccupied, not busy, so we set up camp there. We stood there for awhile, talking, making comments about people, chatting….then I heard some noise coming from down the hall. She and I walked toward it, until we came to a door that seemed to be housing the sounds I’d heard. “Should we knock”, I asked and we both laughed. A couple of second later, the door cracked open—“Who’s that”, came a guy’s voice….I didn’t say anything. The door opened wider and the guy said, “You must be the entertainment…” several guys chuckled. We stepped into the dark, dark room and the guy closed the door behind us. Sitting on a couch directly across from where I stood was a guy I’d seen a couple of times around mutual groups of friends. I could tell by his expression he recognized me. “Come over here”, he said and waved us over. We made our way through about 6 or 7 guys who were drinking and smoking, and sat down on the couch. My friend had already started making out with one of other guys in the room. The guy on the couch began to small talk with me—asked me how the night was going, when we had arrived at the party—if I’d come with anyone…he noticed my drink was low and asked a guy by a cooler to get me another one….and then another one….what must have been at least an hour of bullshitting and drinking, I took a second to look around the room for my friend—only to find that my friend was making out with a guy in a dark corner on the other side of the room.  A couple of the guys had passed out; some had left…it appeared that it was just him and me left ‘standing’. I leaned over and started to kiss on his neck; he let out a soft moan. I carefully reached over and grabbed at my tits…I kissed up his neck until I reached his mouth and we started making out. It became more intense—the kissing, the grabbing…I reached my hand down to his crotch to find his cock fully erect. I got up from where I was sitting on the couch, turned and face him, pulled my denim skirt up, and straddled his lap. We started making out again, and I could feel his hand reaching down to his pants. While still kissing him, I reached down and undid his jeans—he squirmed, pushing his pants down passed his hips. “Can I fuck you”, he asked, as if it hadn’t been assumed. “Fuck me hard”, I said in a semi-aggressive whisper. I stood up a bit so he could grab his dick and with his cock in his hand, I sat down, my wet pussy sliding down his pole. He let out a loud groan and we began fucking. I was riding him hard—his dick felt so good…I had my eyes closed and my head back—he kept yelling, “Yeah….yeah….yeah…..” He kept pounding me and pounding me-his cock was so deep but I wanted more. I slowed down—slowly pulsing up and down his cock…something made me stop—I could feel eyes on us. He said, “What is it, baby?” I looked around and at least a few of his friends were watching. He looked around me to see what I was looking at, then looked back at me…and I kept going. “You like that they are watching”, he asked. I got off his dick and turned around, so that my ass was toward him and I was facing the audience. I grabbed his cock in my hand, and sat down on it again…and continued to fuck him. We kept fucking until we both came. I got off of him and pulled down my skirt, one of the guys said to the guy on the couch, “You know that’s [Pontoon Boat Guy]’s girl, right?” I was no one’s girl—but I asked him, “You know [Pontoon Boat Guy]?” I waited on a response for several seconds. “Not tonight, I don’t”, he said.