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Closer and Hella Good post

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Closer and Hella Good post

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Closer and Hella Good

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Nine Inch Nails-Closer and No Doubt-Hella Good. These two songs were my stage songs (yeah….baaaack in the day). Oh, sure…I had others, but these two were my go-to songs. If you know the songs, this is self explanatory. What better way to get ready to ‘fuck’ a crowd of people (mainly men) than some motivating songs (of course, I wasn’t fucking the crowd literally…not that those offers weren’t there!!). I don’t care what some may tell you-I loved it. I loved being watched, I loved people paying me simply so they could look. The club I worked at was not a nasty, dirty place (relative, of course)-the routine went like this: main stage then finish there; go to second stage-finish there, third stage-finish there; go to the back of the house, get dressed in your evening attire (when not private dancing or on stage, we left our ‘stage’ clothes on, but had to put on clothing that would typically be acceptable for a black tie event—thus, evening attire)—walk around, please the crowd, provide private dances, drink with patrons (as long as they bought the drinks)…make it enjoyable. There were a couple of regulars that sat in seats in the furthest back corner, in the darkest place they could find; I just figured they were rubbing it out, so usually I left them alone. On an arbitrary evening, I watched a fellow walk in-he looked a little new to the scene; he crept to one of the furthest back corners, in one of the darkest of places. He beckoned me, shortly after he sat down. I was a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t terribly fond of walking up on a guy who may be jerking it in the club. Fortunately, this was not the case. He sat there, fairly collected, drinking—he seemed quite relaxed, more than what he seemed when he walked in. He patted the seat next to him and said, ‘Sit’. I did as I was told, straightened my gown and crossed my legs, so that the slit up my dress allowed him to see my leg. I introduced myself; “I’m Anna (stage name), and you are…?” “A paying customer”, he quickly responded. “What should I call you, Paying Customer?”—“You can call me Sir”. Sir’s entrance into the establishment was deceptive; he was not the timid patron he came in as. From Sir’s demeanor, I could tell he already had in mind what he ultimately wanted; he seemed versed in this, ‘Cool persona for personal gain’ game he played, and I liked that. The nervous, ‘Squirmy’ ones made me uncomfortable–this guy, and guys like him–knew how to act. He asked what I was drinking as a waitress walked up, ‘Sour Apple Martini’, I said (Side note: A good thing about working in a place where you can drink on someone else’s dime was the luxury of trying drinks on for size :-)). We sat there in silence, waiting for my drink to arrive. My read on him was that he didn’t want small talk from me; I felt confident that when he wanted to address me, he would…..this depends on the guy–Sir was business, and that’s how I handled it. A Sour Apple Martini appeared on the small table very shortly after request and I lifted it to my mouth, slow and deliberately, maintaining eye contact with him as he watched me drink. He slowly reached into his pocket and pulled a perfectly folded stack of $20’s, $50’s and $100’s, held together with a shiny money clip. As I watched his movements, I noticed cufflinks–a composed man, a younger man, a rich man….business–I was making mental notes. I took another sip of my drink as he took the money clip off the cash and unfolded it. He pulled a $20 from the center of the bills and set it on the table. Sir surveilled the darkened room until something caught his eye. “Her, sitting with the ugly man over there next to the stage…” I looked to where his eyes were going. “Arms crossed, fairly attractive blonde….looks unhappy?”, I asked. Sir nodded his head. “Walk up to her, straddle her lap, lean in near her neck and whisper something sexual in her ear. Then lean back, look her in the eyes, and walk away.” Without another word, I set my drink down, walked past the man she was with, pulled up my dress in order to straddle her, and did as I was told. I got up off of her lap, walked back to the table and sat down. “What did you tell her?”, Sir asked. “I told her something she wanted to hear…” I left him hanging…two people can be a mystery, even if one is paying and one is being paid. Sir smirked. “I like that”, he said. And we went back to silence. Two sips of my Sour Apple Martini later and Sir slides a $50 out of his money stack. He looked around the room for another pawn in our chess game. “Blue halter top, black pants..”, he said. “Go sit on her lap, slide your ass down, forcing her legs open…turn to face her and stand back up, slowly….rubbing your tits against her–all the way to her face. Then lean into her–close to her mouth, Closer,….Closer…but don’t kiss her…oh, and take off your dress.” For his pleasure, I stood up and slowly undressed, sliding my dress down past my hips–I let it fall to the floor. I walked confidently over to blue halter, black pants, and did as I was told. As I rubbed my tits on her, past her face…I could feel her breathing more heavily. The boys she was with cooed and cawed….asking for me to do them, too. I leaned over her, my tits hanging in her face, and I moved to her mouth…”Are you wet, yet?” I asked…she nodded yes and timidly grabbed my ass. “Can I touch you?” She asked. “You’ll have to ask him”…and I pointed over to Sir as I walked away. Upon my return to the table, Sir asked me why I pointed at him. I let Sir know that Blue Halter Black Pants asked if she could touch me,..”I told her she would have to ask you.” This pleased Sir–he smiled. His chest stuck out a bit more, his shoulders went back, he sat up more straight. “Very good Girl, Anna. You know who is in control.” He loved his control–(he didn’t seem to know who was really in control ;-)) Blue Halter black pants kept looking over at us. Sir met her stare and gestured to her the, ‘Come here’ finger. She got up and walked over–nervous girl…she immediately started talking to him; I knew he wouldn’t appreciate it. “Sssshhhhh…don’t speak. I will tell you what to do; I will ask you questions. All you do is respond. If you no longer want to do this, simply walk away”, Sir instructed. She nodded. “Do you want to touch Anna?” She smiled big and nodded vigorously. “Where do you want to touch her?” [I sat there–legs crossed, sipping my drink, cool and calm]. “Can I touch her anywhere?”, she asked him. Sir looked over to me–“Can she?” I looked at him, looked at his money, and said, “That depends”–then I winked at him. “I want to touch her tits”–Sir set a $50 on the table–“Go ahead”, he instructed…”Touch them.” She reached over slowly, scared…and lightly grabbed on of my breasts. “Rub it, baby….grab it…feel it”, I encouraged. “I’ve never touched another girl before”, she said with innocence. Sir liked this–he didn’t much care for her, but he liked being the puppet master. He put another $50 on the table; “Do you want to lick on Anna?” This question made her uncomfortable; She nodded no. I stood up in front of her–“You don’t want to make it your first? Go ahead, baby; take a little lick on my nipple”, I told her. I gently grabbed her head and pulled it to my breast. She held out her hand and grabbed both of my tits–and to my surprise, started aggressively sucking on one. “Good Girl….Good girl, Anna.” Sir was pleased. After awhile, she stopped, pulled her head back and was breathing heavily. “Are you horny, Baby?” I asked her. And she nodded. I sat back down in my seat and took a sip of the fresh Sour Apple Martini that had appeared on the table. Sir pulled a $100 bill from his stack. “Do you want to taste Anna somewhere else?” Sir’s wagers had now increased. She nodded no again. [Perhaps the appeal was no only getting to watch me be his visual servant; perhaps he was finding it worth the money to see me make this sweet girl do things she didn’t think she wanted to do. Either way, Sir was getting his kicks, Blue Halter was getting to experiment, and I was eventually getting paid ;-)] Where was I,….ah, yes. Blue Halter did not want to taste me in other places. I uncrossed my legs, opened them, and started to gently rub myself. Blue halter could not look away and her labored breathing told me she liked what she saw. I grabbed her hand with my free hand and gently pulled her toward me–and she stepped closer to me. I told her, “Kneel down, Baby…’ll be fine”. Reluctantly, but not….she did. “You know where the clit is, don’t you?”, I asked her. She nodded yes. “Good–just look for that with your tongue…that’s it.” She rubbed a couple of fingers around my pussy…partly to find my clit perhaps, partly from intrigue. Her breathing was so heavy. “See…, you like it, don’t you Baby?” In a heavy breathe, she said, “Yeah,…yeah I do. You’re so hot, Anna…I mean, you’re really pretty..” “Ahhh, thank you, Baby”, I said with a hint of innocence in my voice. Sir watched…he was impressed with my persuasion. He put three $100 bills on the table. She looked back at Sir–I tugged at her arm; “Don’t worry about him, Baby–it’s just you and me. Do it….” And she went in…her tongue all over my pussy….moaning and grabbing at my thighs. “Mmmmm, yeah baby…you’re making me feel good”, I told her. I looked at Sir….I held his stare. He looked down at blue halter, eating me out, then back at me. After awhile, I pulled her back up. “Good job, Baby.” She was outwardly horny–like an adolescent boy–desperate and longing for more. “Thank you. You can go now”, Sir said. And looking dejected and denied, she walked away. Five more $100 dollar bills were placed on the table. “Good Girl, Anna. Did you enjoy your time with me?” **Ladies and gentlemen…..get ready for ANNA, coming to stage one….ANNA…stage one** I heard the song begin, and Nine Inch Nails was thumping around the room–You let me violate you…..–. I collected my money, leaned over to Sir, and whispered, “It was Hella Good.”


Stay Sexy, Lovers. Eve

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Lucky Boy

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Mary J. Blige graced my music box this morning–Family Affair (video to follow). This song evokes a very fond memory of a boy name Lucky….yes, that’s his name (this has nothing to do with anything—but Mary J.’s song reminds me of Eve’s, Blow Ya Mind; this song has meaning because it will take us to the REST of the story about Pontoon Boat guy—remind me to tell the rest of that sometime). Anyways, Lucky was a farm hand from Texas….ahhh, beautiful boy. He was tall, 6’4″ or so, tan skin that was always somewhat salty, dusty brown hair, toned and muscular (that manual labor does the body good), gorgeous…..just gorgeous. He had a scar running down his face that he was so insecure about–a beautiful wound left by a broken beer bottle, used in a bar fight, years before I entered the picture. I thought it was sexy; it was manly, among all the other manly traits he already possessed. I met this boy in a store–we were both waiting in line to check out. I was standing by a shelf of bananas–I caught him looking at me out of the corner of my eye, so I turned to acknowledge the attention. He shyly turned his head away and down…then looked over–a side glance from the corner of his eye, and he smiled–his lips pursed together, one half of his smile higher than the other. He had this adorable smile–not a full smile–lips closed, half of his smile going up, causing him to look like he’s winking. I finished checking out and left. To my not-so-surprise, he caught up to me in the parking lot and introduced himself-I gave him my number. We went out a couple of times, stole a few kisses, and by time three, I really wanted to see what else he had. He seemed like such an innocent thing (and you KNOW I like the innocent ones); although I have a sick fixation on breaking the innocent ones, I wanted to teach this one to be bad with me. 

We were supposed to be going out to dinner and a movie, but Lucky wasn’t ready. He’d just come in from rounding up horses–he had little beads of sweat on his forehead and his muscles were trying to escape his white tee shirt; “Oh my God; he’s beautiful”, I thought to myself. He said he needed to shower and then we’d go, so I made myself comfortable in the living room; I sat down on the couch next to his pit bull, tucked and smoothed my skirt under me, and proceeded to watch TV. There was some rustling around in his room, down the hall, then a few minutes later, I heard the shower running and the jingles from the shower curtain rings being opened and closed. The simple thought of that man in a shower…water dripping from any part on his body was a turn on. I sat there imagining what he would look like in the shower… imagination allowed me to dabble (pun intended) with the idea of showing with him; at this point, we hadn’t even had sex; so many things about him made it hard to resist. Showering with him….rubbing on his wet body, feeling his body against mine….my imagination and sexual desire got the best of me; I got up off the couch and walked to the bathroom. Just at that point, the shower turned off and the shower curtain was flung open. And there he was, standing in front of me, dripping wet, the water dripping from his penis. I lost my breath. All I could do was stare at this beautiful specimen of a man. “Can you pass me that towel behind you?”, he asked as I stood there, taken by how sexy he was. “Sure”. I grabbed the towel from behind me, not taking my eyes off of him. I held it out to him. He looked down, that innocent little look he did, then his eyes gazed up at me, “Do you like what you see?” Perhaps my face had shown my bit of confusion…..not what I expected to hear from my innocent farm boy. “I do like what I see…” I responded; I wondered what other surprises I was about to experience…what else did I not know about my innocent farm boy? He stepped out of the shower, slowly…moving toward me…I stepped back until I had reached the wall and had nowhere else to step back to. Still wet, he pressed up against me; I could feel the water from his body saturating my clothes. He grabbed one of my hands that was hanging by my side and put it on his dick. I was bewildered; oh my God…what a pleasant surprise…my farm boy was a dirty little thing and I didn’t even see it! He started to kiss on my neck and whisper in my ear, “Were you watching me, you dirty girl? You wanted to see me in the shower? I should punish you for being bad…” All these little comments just made hornier. His dick was so hard, my clothes were now wet….he rubbed his dick up against my crotch…then he stepped back….and stood there…and stared at me. Not sure what to expect, I kept his stare and simply stood there. After awhile (and what seemed like forever), he stepped toward me again, reached both hands up the back of my skirt, and pulled my panties down, grabbing my ass as his hands passed by. He then knelt down, put his head up my skirt, and began eating me out. “Goddamn” I said, with an uncontrolled inflection in my voice. His mouth felt so good, I nearly lost my balance, and very shortly after that, I was unable to stand up….my knees gave out. He picked me up, flinging me over his shoulder like a firefighter would carry an unconscious person (that reminds me….I need to tell you guys about the firefighter…oh, he was everything I ever expected from a firefighter…..another time) and carried me to his room. It was dark. The window was open and the only light was coming from the moonlight outside. The radio was on (from earlier, I guessed) and Mary J. Blige-Family Affair, offered the first song to the soundtrack of our first fuck. He slid it in, and as he did, I heard him exhale, as if he’d been holding his breath the whole time. His breathing was deep, as deep as he was in me; he moved in and out, keeping a rhythm with the song. I wrapped my legs around his back, which was still partially wet from his shower. He thrust a few more times then flipped us, so that I was on top–it was effortless, like I was a rag doll. I loved that he was so much man. In a southern, deep voice, I heard him say, “Damn, Eve*(name was changed to protect the pervert who writes this blog J)….I knew you’d be a good one” I kept riding him, in and out, up and down….his dick slid in like it was the missing puzzle piece. He grabbed my hips, pulling them down as he thrust his hips up, causing his dick to go further and harder in me….and the beat went on….We never made it to dinner and that movie. Instead, I got Lucky.

Stay horny, baby. Eve~

Family Affair

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Thanks, Vevo. This vid referenced in ‘Lucky Boy’.

That one time, with that one guy…

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It (or he) has become known (to those who know about it) as Pontoon Boat Guy. Several years ago, I met a guy while we both happened to be at a ‘gathering’ among friends (we had mutual friends). I can’t tell you what it was, maybe just two folks looking hot, feeling horny……but there was definitely something between us. I’d seen his truck around town before—it was big and lifted, big tires—I guess kinda cliché, but I liked it. He hung out with other guys and their big trucks…a bunch of good ol’ boys, troublemakers, looking for a good time. So happened, I was looking for a good time, too. It was a nice June evening when we met; I made my rounds through the group, with a couple of my friends…making sure we were showcased around the party [I know this makes us sound like pieces of meat, but let’s face it, I WAS a piece of ass, it just wasn’t decided for whom at that point]. Once we made a couple of rounds, we started ‘mingling’, floating from group to group…and like an appetizer tray being walked around the room, one by one, our group became smaller….men ‘picking’ the one’s they wanted, my friends going with their one night-ers. (You know, when I hear it like that, I think we could have been making some pretty sweet money, had we put an ‘entrepreneurial’ spin on what it was we did…) Nothing against my friends or anyone ever at these shindigs, but I was picky…I always have been (for the most part). In my mind’s eye, I wanted…nay, DESERVED a special one…not just anyone would do. He and I were catching each other’s eye all evening; but I was waiting for him to approach me,…and apparently he was waiting for me to approach him (this, my friends….I will RARELY do). I can’t quite tell you how it eventually all played out….what can I say? As the night went on, I got more drunk (I’m pretty sure he did, too); I DO remember though, we left the party and spent some time together in that big truck, with lots and lots of space in the front for all things from sucking to fucking. He was a good choice….I was pleasantly surprised by the overall size of his dick….at the same time, I think he was pleasantly surprised by my blowjob-ability. I would go as far as to say that we were both pleased with our choices for the evening. He was sooooo good at eating pussy, I mean…this guy holds a top spot in my book. And he was a noise maker, a dirty talker….damn near everything a person would look for in a one-nighter. But at the end of our night (a.k.a. early-ass morning), much to my surprise, I got invited to the lake the next day. Interesting twist on things….we went from a one-night good time, to…well,….a tomorrow. Frankly, it was a bit odd to me. Nonetheless, I accepted the invite and he was kind enough to pick me up the following day so that he and I could spend the day at the lake with his friends…..some of the same friends at the party the evening before. I was fairly certain they would be alone, ‘trawling’ the lake for fresh meat. There is something strange to me about being the chick he hooked up with the night before AND the girl at the lake with him….it messes with my guise—my, “Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets” portrayal. We pull up and both jump out of his big truck and I can feel it….the looks are penetrating me like rape—unwarranted, unwanted….not to worry, I stick out my chest more, walk a little taller, and walk toward the boat—I tell him, “go ahead, grab my ass…” and he gladly obeys my demand. Thaaaat’s right….now I’m getting a different look, and so is he; he’s the man. Many moments later, we’re on a pontoon boat, drinks being passed around, music blaring….guys are cat calling to neighboring girls on boats…..I can tell he feels a little out of his element; he’d be one of those guys, too, if it weren’t for my presence. “Me thinks I must make this worth his while”; I contemplate how best to make this work. I stand up, take a little extra time to pull my bikini bottom out of my ass, straighten my bikini top and make the ladies look good…then I walk over to him, straddle him where he sits and start kissing him….and he kisses back, hands immediately grabbing my ass. “Thata boy”—my internal monologue expresses my pride as though he’s a child…”Make those boys jealous”. Our gratuitous tongue fuck session starts getting waaay steamier than should be allowed in public—and as much as I like to provide voyeur entertainment as much as the next freak, I think it would be even more entertaining if we made it our secret. I whisper, “We should get in the water….”—he says, I wanna fuck you under this here boat”—and I nod. He jumps in, I jump in and all the sudden, the guys around us realize that their show just ended. There are outward and obvious complaints from the peanut gallery that we aren’t about to bang for the audience….to which, my man meat says, “Sorry guys, this one’s mine….and I’m about to fuck”. Ahhh, my guy is so proud of all this and I know I’ve played this right. And not just empty threats, we swim under the boat and he pulls my bikini bottom to the side. I feel inside his shorts and his dick is as hard as can be—the enormous thing that it is. I rub him for awhile and he whispers how much he likes my pussy. I tell him he better fuck me good, because this under-boat fuck needed to be memorable…..oh, my darlings, it was…still is. I grab my bottoms and take them off and he’s ready—thrusts it in as if he was plugging a leak. We’re floating; we’re fucking….and I’m cumming already?!?! Damn, this boy is good. I’m panting and moaning and I hear him repeating, “FUCK baby…..your pussy….FUCK baby…your pussy”. He friends are dying to catch a peak but we’re JUST out of sight. “Uh..uh….oooh, goddamn baby….uh huh…..uh huh…..ahhhhh, I’m cumming….make me cum daddy…”—and then I came; seconds later, he groans out loud…he pushes it inside me one more hard thrust. Shot-I can feel it shoot up in me. We float there for a few more seconds….him sucking on my tits, me enjoying the feeling of his dick. He pulls out and I see cum in the water. I put my bottoms back on, he puts his dick away and we get back on board… the applause of his friends. You’re welcome J. Maybe it makes me a dirty girl, but that boy and I became the best of fuck buddies….until we weren’t, but that’s for another time I guess.

Stay Sexy, Baby. Eve

Innocence Lost

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The innocent ones—I like the idea of the innocent ones because I want to break them—no, not literally, but I want to play with them, use them, hurt them,  torture them, break their innocence…I want the ones who are sexy but don’t know it, the ones who are gentlemen but want a reason to be bad. To some extent, I know a handful of them. One that I’ve recently been getting to know is borderline innocent; he talks a pretty good game….but I can see he has a soft underbelly. When he’s with someone, he gets too involved, thus gets hurts quite easily; that’s how I know he’s got an under layer of innocence. I’ve never been around him, around others….he seems like a fun-loving, semi-social guy. There’s some sad in him—but I don’t want to have to fix that. I want to take the innocence that he has, with all its care and affection for this girl or that girl, and I want to treat it like a whore and break him. He’s never had a threesome….he asked me if I’d ever entertain helping him out with that. I think I would first get him alone, so I can make him feel like a man in control (I think he could use that), then I think I would try to get him involved in a threesome. I played this out in my head in the shower this morning. I’d get him to find a girl at the bar, buy her a drink or two, talk her up a bit. Then I would casually enter their conversation, pretending to not know either of them. Chit chat with both of them, then mention to the both of them that I find his lady friend attractive. Here’s the thing about these types of setups: The trick to a girl picking up another girl in attempts to have a threesome (if you DON’T know if she’s into it or not) is to make her feel comfortable, sexy, and wanted. All girls want to feel those theses….once those things are established, she’ll feel a little bit better about feeling another girl’s tongue on her body. Another innocent one—I think I’d want to find a girl that isn’t against the idea, but is a little newer to it. In my daydream, in the shower this morning, I fast forward to the good stuff—I successfully picked her (and him) up, she doesn’t know I know him, which is better so she doesn’t feel threatened….and we’re all in a room. Another trick to this type of setup—my guy friend has never had a threesome, the girl is new to it but wants to try—this means that I kind of have to play coach to both…and still keep it sexy. So, I start by kissing her…not up on her mouth right away…I start by kissing her neck, some light licking on her ear, I whisper to her, “Just relax, okay? It’ll be enjoyable…just don’t worry—breathe” because she needs to hear it…she’s nervous. I know he’s watching and is getting really turned on, so I carefully run my hand up under her shirt and gently play with her breasts. She starts to moan a little bit—right where I need her—I tell her to lie down on the bed and she does. I then walk over to my friend, take his pants off and rub his cock…it’s so hard, I’m afraid he’s gonna blow this opportunity because of sensual overload. I whisper to him, “It’s going to get hot, and you’re going to love it….but you need to control it…make it last”. Coaching…all in the coaching. I go down on him for only a little bit, then I go over to her, still laying on the bed, nervous—she doesn’t know what to do and she doesn’t want to be left out. I slide her panties down and start to kiss up her leg. I stop right before I get to her wet, throbbing pussy, and I take my clothes off.  Then, I straddle her hips and lean her up, taking her shirt off while I lick on her nipples. I look over at him—his dick, nice and hard wants to penetrate something….but not yet. She’s naked, lying on the bed; I’m naked leaning over her. I lick and suck on her tits for awhile, while my hands starts working its way down to her pussy….she twinges—I whisper to her, “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you—trust me…I want you to feel good.” And then she breathes and lets it happen….my fingers rubbing her clit….then I stop and grab him, and kiss his neck…then I go down and start sucking on his dick…now she’s interested and more into it—she leans up so she can watch. I love that she’s watching….I continue to suck him while I reach over and rub my fingers on her clit. I stop and tell him to lean over and kiss her…and it’s happening—I’m rubbing her, sucking him—he’s kissing her and grabbing my tit, she’s being kissed and fingered. I stop sucking him and immediately go to her pussy—my ass up in the air, I move in and slowly licking her clit—having a chick here is new to her so I take it slow. I can hear him moaning behind me—he wants to fuck. I turn and tell him to put it in, slowly…I say, “Go slow—you don’t want to cum…not yet”. I go back to eating her out, and I feel his dick slide inside me. He’s pulsing in and out, in and out…slow as he can although the throbbing in his dick tells me he wants to fuck hard and fast. Her moaning is increasing and I can tell she wants to be fucked—her juice is all over my mouth. I pull away from his dick and lean into her, my face meeting up with her face, my body on her body.  I kiss her with the taste of her pussy all over my mouth and I ask her, “Do you want to taste me?” She nods and I straddle her face with my pussy. She grabs my hips and starts licking me…I suggest that she find my clit and lick it and she does, like a good little girl. I tell him to stick his dick in her pussy while she’s eating me out—and he does, like a good little boy. Everything is slow—it needs to be….I get off of her face and lean in to kiss her again…I love the taste of our two pussies on each other’s mouths. I get up, and sit in a chair in the room…and watch—I watch as he fucks her. Then I tell him to stop and go down on her….he starts to eat her pussy—they’re both moaning. I tell him now come and eat out my pussy. “Goddamn”, he says…”I want to cum”. “Almost”, I tell him…”A little bit more…” He eats me out—he’s good at eating pussy. I stop him and tell him, “You’re gonna go fuck her, and I’m gonna watch—but right before you cum, pull out and stick it in mouth.” I can tell he’s excited by this. He goes to her, she moans as he pushes it in, and he pounds her….and she starts to scream—I can tell she just came…he keeps going, hard and faster, he’s groaning out loud….then he looks over at me-I’m sitting there rubbing myself, watching them fuck—I just came. I stand up and walk over to him—he goes faster and faster—in and out of her pussy. I sit on the bed, my head back—waiting for his dick to cum in my mouth—he pulls out of her pussy and puts his dick in my mouth and begins fucking my mouth—I feel him throbbing….throbbing—and he shoots cum in my mouth. I swallow some of it—then I lean over and kiss her on the mouth…his cum, our cum…our mouths….I rub my fingers over her pussy one more time and it’s still wet. I get up off the bed—he says, “Fuck, baby….fuck.” I know—I just took both of your innocence. 😉

Then I finished my shower and left for work. Now if I could only set that plan into action….

Stay Sexy, Eve